Easy Snow Cleaner - 50% OFF
Easy Snow Cleaner - 50% OFF
Easy Snow Cleaner - 50% OFF

Easy Snow Cleaner - 50% OFF

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This gonna be the EASIEST windscreen snow removal ever! 

Firstly, the cone shape design is so handy that scraping off snow from your car screen become so effortless! 

You can literally scrape off a huge chunk of snow in a blink of an eye!

What is best - It works for any vehicle, any mild or serious frosted windscreen! Live in countries below 0 degree? Keep one in your car and you will ALWAYS be hassle free!

  • Double Scraping Action which is efficient in scraping off ice/snow.
  • Cone-Shaped which allows flexible movement, move it any how you want!
  • Loosen bigger ice chunks easily!
  • Lightweight and Compact. Easily store it in your car trunk / glove compartment.
  • Easy to Use you can literally just wipe off even the toughest ice on glass.
  • Practical tool which you can also use it alternatively as a liquid funnel!
  • Doesn't damage glass. Won't scratch or break the windshield even with stickiest frost that you need to remove!
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip Now your ice-scraping dilemmas are all over! Don't worry about the hassles of frozen windshields and windows because it is no longer a tough task as you can easily wipe them out with the Easy Snow Cleaner!

Product Description:

Cone shape snow removal. Comes with random color.


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