Ginger Pads (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)
Ginger Pads (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)
Ginger Pads (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)
Ginger Pads (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)

Ginger Pads (Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion)

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Do You Know That Ginger Root Detox Foot Pads Is The Overnight Solution For Many Body Problems?

Ginger detox foot pads have always been an overnight solution for many different sicknesses. It is generally used in Asia for cold, flu and more! What is best - Ginger extracts have moist removal benefits that enhance blood circulation, reduce swelling & body pain overnight!

Ginger Root Detox Foot Pads drains excessive fluids through the biggest pores in the whole body - your feet, stimulating return circulation of blood and lymph back to the torso.
Blending traditional herbs with ginger root extracts, our unique foot pads reduce swelling and soothes pain by its warming and anti-inflammatory properties. Experience the overnight therapy to unblocks your circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Expels excess fluids or toxins 
  • Burns Fat
  • Anti-inflammatory to reduces pains & tiredness
  • Decreases removes swollen glands and legs
  • Improves your metabolism and blood circulation
  • Boosts energy level

  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Boosts vitality and energy.
  • Promotes healthy circulation.
  • Encourages a positive mental state.
  • Safe, effective, and easy to use. Disposable, no mess!

  • Wash and dry Your feet or body part.
  • Apply detox patch one hour before bed-time.
  • Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper.
  • Place the foot pad on the adhesive where noted to "Put adhesive sheet on this side" and place onto the soles of your feet or the desired area of other body part.
  • Socks can be worn if necessary.
  • Remove pad after 8-10 hours.
  • Wipe surface body part with wet towel until it is no longer sticky.



  • 20 PCS Detox Foot Patch


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